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 anatomy of a throw

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PostSubject: anatomy of a throw   Fri 22 Jan - 14:27

Hi Caven,

Although darts may indeed be a simple game, it certainly is not easy to master. In your experience, what would you say contributes the most to inconsistency in someone's throw? i.e. where do beginners usually go wrong with the list below?

1. Grip (too loose or tight)
2. Wrist action (relaxed or rigid)
3. Elbow (too low)
4. Shoulder
5. Head (too much movement)
6. Stance (unstable)

I suppose it's different for everyone, but just wondering if you think one of these things is more important above the rest (or something I haven't listed).

Thank you
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PostSubject: Re: anatomy of a throw   Wed 10 Feb - 12:45

Hi mate,

thats quite a list!

In my opinion, darts is 90% confidence. You need a certain amount of natural talent and you need to co-ordinate positively, but if you don't think you will hit your target on the board - you more than likely wont. So therefor, self-belief is the main thing missing off your list.

All the best

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anatomy of a throw
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