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 New player

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PostSubject: New player   Sun 17 Jan - 12:53

Hey Jamie

I recently started playing darts ( almost a week Smile ) and i must admit im well and truly hooked. At the moment, as you can imagine, im not very good at all, but im putting in plenty of hours practice.

I know a massive part of darts is the ability to hit doubles, but at the moment i am just trying to keep the area of which the darts land within each other down. My question is, should i keep doing this till i can get the darts to land next to each other, or should i start to work on hitting doubles etc straight away?

Thanks for any reply/help Smile
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PostSubject: Re: New player   Wed 10 Feb - 12:34

Hi mate,

If I was you I probably would get the scoring sorted first. I take it you aren't ready to join a team as yet so I would get steady on hitting twenties first. You can then try doubles and finishing later as this is all part of our great sport, but don't try to become world champion overnight. good luck and enjoy!

All the best.
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New player
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