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 Get In To Darts

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PostSubject: Get In To Darts   Mon 11 Jan - 15:52

Hey Jamie, Just wondering how did you first get into darts, what made you start playing?
Also how did you then go on to get into professional darts?
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PostSubject: Re: Get In To Darts   Wed 10 Feb - 12:39

Hi mate,

I first got into darts after watching it on TV, the likes of Bristow and Wilson. I was totally hooked and I used to watch my dad practise at home as he was a fine pub player in his day. It wasn't long before I started playing, but I was only a kid so the board was very low and the distance was only very short. This obviously expanded as I grew up and then I developed into a county youth, then full county player. I took the plunge in 2007, as I had a little bit of sponsorship which enabled me to play in a few tournaments to see if i was good enough. Now I do all the tour and it is my full time job. I hope this answers your question.

All the best

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Get In To Darts
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